What kind of massage do you want?

We have many types of massages that we can come to or order for someone. Which one will it be? We have a choice of head massage, relaxing massage, sports massage or pregnancy massage (even pregnant women need relaxation), foot massage, intimate massage or erotic massage, or it can also be a massage with tools such as flasks and others.

Pleasant music plays, thanks to which we can relax pleasantly, and thanks to the perfect movements from professional masseurs, they will relax stiff muscles where needed.

But one of the most sought-after massages is still a sensual erotic massage. Thanks to this massage, the whole body relaxes completely and our mind relaxes perfectly under the hands of the masseur. Men and women over the age of 18 can go for this massage.

žena - masáž

If anything is uncomfortable for you during the massage, communication is important! Thanks to proper communication (and please don`t be shy to communicate with your masseuse), we can tell each other exactly what is too much and what is still pleasant and we want to continue experiencing it. If we keep any pain or discomfort we may feel to ourselves, we will never relax and we will end up not getting anything from the experience that can perfectly relax us and we will feel bad. So – ALWAYS communicate when anything bad happens!

This rule applies to all massages that the masseur can perform for us. It must never be about pain, but only about relaxation or pleasant feelings.

masáž - masér

Massages are divided into several categories, so if you want, for example, an erotic massage, you need to find a salon that performs these massages. The same applies to, for example, foot massages or physiotherapy massages.

When we choose which massage we want to go for, it is enough to either pick up the phone and call the salon and make an appointment, or many salons have the option of booking this appointment online. When we make a reservation online, you should always receive a confirmation text message or a confirmation email. If you don`t think of either, please call the reception and check your appointment that you have reserved.